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Wagyu (和牛 Wagyū, “Japanese cow”) a breed of cattle renowned for its intense marbling, quite simply the best quality beef available.

Worlds’ best free-range beef

The Marbled Wagyu is our restaurant situated on the estate. Wagyu is our specialty and we pride ourselves on producing Wagyu – the worlds’ best free-range beef – right here in the Swartberg Mountains. Come and enjoy a glass of De Kombuys Estate wine with some prime Wagyu beef while overlooking the vineyards from the terrace.

A 150-year-old Cape Dutch farm store has been conservatively renovated to house this unique wagyu specialty restaurant & deli. We are serious about our farm-to-table philosophy and our creations often have a subtle Asian twist to complement our Japanese beef.   The Wagyu centered menu is constantly changing to reflect seasonal availability of other produce. For a taste-provoking experience, visit the Marbled Wagyu for a vibrant take on sustainable dining.

The Marbled Wagyu Restaurant is one of only a handful of restaurants in the Southern hemisphere where you can experience real pasture-raised Wagyu; our signature trade.

Interested in ordering Wagyu?

The Art of Wagyu

Wagyu beef is all about marbling.  With intense marbling, a melting point as low as 23˚C (less than butter..) and a richness beyond anything else, it really is in its own category.  We have honed in on this and our restaurant, The Marbled Wagyu, specialises purely in Wagyu.  Come and experience Wagyu the way it should be.

The Menu

Our menu varies season to season and sometimes weekly, there are however a few champions that we simply cannot beat, the Wagyu Prima, our signature, is an experience more than a meal, our best seller and one that completes the Wagyu experience at its fullest.  For the burger connoisseur, we have the Wagyu Tajima Burger, an artwork that many have tried to copy, and failed miserably. We hold no secrets and invite them to try, and try again.